In memory of all those who have lost their lives to Covid 19


This platform is dedicated to every single life lost in this pandemic throughout the World.
My wish it that this platform will be the voice of the voiceless and and that we will rise up to join this movement by remembering.

Bringing hope to the World from South-Africa.

Helping the world Remember

“Did she matter”?

Lives lost due to the pandemic in South Africa came crushing down like a storm in February this year and pushed us into turmoil and a state of grief.
On the 1st of March I lost my sister, Marianne Van As. She did not die from Covid, but because we were amid this pandemic, a simple goodbye or farewell or honoring her life was only permitted to 50 people within the regulations. Only the close family were able to attend a quick sermon and then it was all over…

“Did she matter”?
Who besides us will remember her?

In Loving Memory

Riaan Steyn

Marble Hall
My son Riaan found joy in every day no matter the circumstances. Zenobia van Deventer (Mother)

Thelma van Rooyen

My mom’s motto in life was to stay humble, to show your loved-ones daily how much they matter .God’s grace and love could be seen through her.
Teresa du Toit (Daughter)

Rosie Johnson

Rosie was my delight- a jewel- MY wife.
Tony Johnson (Husband)

Kobus Steenekamp

Heidelberg – Gauteng
Kobus not a day goes by without acknowledging the impact you made on our lives.
Landi Stoltz ( Colleague)

If you are going to live, leave a legacy. Talk to us Today!

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